Beautiful curls – and all you need is a sock. It sounds like a fairy tale, but it is not. The hairstyle hack has become a real trend. We tell you how the curls work with socks.

To conjure up a great mane or even defined curls, do you need a lot of styling tools and heat? No, not necessarily. At least that is demonstrated by a trend that we have seen more and more recently on Instagram, TikTok, and Co.

In the videos, beautiful curls are conjured up with socks. Yes, you read that right – the trick works with conventional socks that we all have at home. We reveal how you can achieve a trendy hairstyle.

Curls with socks: Instructions

Admittedly, when we heard about this method, we were initially somewhat skeptical. Finally, there are numerous ways to conjure curls without heat. For example with braids or classic hair curlers.

The special thing about the sock curls is that they look as if they were created with the curling iron. Also, they succeed very easily. A little bit of weir: For curls with socks you need at least medium-length hair. Here is a step-by-step guide for sock curls to imitate.

You need this:

  • 4 socks
  • Fabric hair ties to fix
  • 4 clips to attach socks to the strands of hair

That’s how it’s done:

Step 1: moisten and comb hair.

Step 2: divide hair into four sections.

Step 3: fasten socks with hair clips near the hairline.

Step 4: Wrap two strands of hair around the socks like a helix.

Step 5: Attach ends with scrunchies and leave socks in your hair overnight.

The next morning you have beautiful sock curls!

Instructions for curls with socks can be found in the video:


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Curling with socks: detailed instructions

Step # 1: dampen hair

For the curls to become intense and hold well, your hair should be damp. It works best after washing your hair with towel-dried hair. Alternatively, you can simply spray them with a little water. If you like, you can also add a foaming agent to your hair – so the result lasts particularly long.

Step # 2: comb your hair, pull the middle parting

In the next step, you brush your hair well. This also ensures that the moisture in your hair is distributed regularly and no area is left out. Then pull a middle parting and split your hair into two equal parts.

Step # 3: Pin the upper part of the sock

Now grab a conventional sock. Pay attention to the correct sock length. For medium length hair, just use a classic sock. If you have long hair, you can easily cut an old pair of tights in the middle.

Now start with the first half of the hair. First, hold your hair together with your hands as if you wanted to tie a braid. Fix the sock with a hair clip in the upper part of the hair.

Step # 4: wrap strands of hair around the sock

Now start wrapping your hair around the sock. There are various techniques for doing this. The simplest variant: Simply wrap your hair in a spiral around the sock (as tightly as possible) and fix everything at the end with a soft hair elastic. Small hair ties can leave an unsightly kink in the hair.

The curls become even more beautiful: Place both strands from the back to the front around the sock and cross them over. Now you put the two hair strands back again, cross them over, put them around the socks, and then pull them forward again. You repeat the whole thing until you get to the bottom. Then fix again with a thick fabric hair tie.

Step # 5: Leave sock in your hair overnight for curls

The best result is achieved if you leave the braids in your hair overnight. If you don’t have the time, you should at least wait until your hair is completely dry.

When you have removed the socks from your hair, you can carefully run your fingers through the hair to untie them. It is better not to reach for the brush, as this will destroy your mane again. If necessary, fix it with a little hairspray and voilá – the beautiful curls are done.

Curling with socks: how long does the result last?

How long the curls last depends on many factors, especially your hair structure. If you have fine and straight hair, the curls will probably lose their shape faster than with thick hair.

In general, curls without heat last longer than with a curling iron or flat iron. This is because they have cooled down right from the start and therefore do not unhook. The sock curls last about one to three days.

Curly hair without heat: what other methods are there?

In addition to sock curls, there are of course many other methods with which you can conjure up dreamy curls without heat. We present the three most popular methods.

1. Curl with curlers

Approximately time-consuming, but tried and tested: curls with curlers. It is best to reach those who do not need a clip. It works much faster and is also more convenient.

That’s how it’s done:
Comb your towel-dried hair well and divide it into individual sections. Put the first curler on the hair tip of your first strand and roll it up to the hairline. Now, thread strand by strand around the curlers until all of your hair is rolled up.

2. Curls with braids:

Even as children, we conjured up curls with the help of braids. Today we still like to use this classic method.

That’s how it’s done:
Comb through towel-dried hair and weave simple braids. The more wavy your hair should be in the end, the more braids you should be braiding. A lot of small braids create typical crepe iron waves. For soft beach waves, you simply weave a loose peasant braid.


3. Curl with duts

Curls using duts are just as popular and tried and tested as the other two methods. Here, too, the result varies depending on the number of duts from large beach waves to small corkscrew curls.

That’s how it’s done:
Comb your towel-dried hair well. Divide them into approximately six equal parts, depending on how big or small the waves should end up. Now turn the first strand of hair around its axis until the hair starts to roll on its own. Now tie your hair into a bun. Repeat with the rest of the hair.


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