Games for the whole family – these are the best DIY ideas!

Temperatures are slowly getting warmer and most of us are drawn to the garden or park. With these great games that you can make yourself inexpensively, you will never get bored again!

1. Garden memory

The oversized memory game is perfect for the garden, backyard, picnic, and also for a trip to the beach. The best part is the preparatory work for handicrafts. Since it is made from square cork boards, the game is of course reusable. Prepare an even number of cork boards and paint or spray them in pairs with the same pattern.

The exact instructions are available on this blog.

2. Balls Mikado

Who can still remember the classic Murmel-Mikado game? Exactly, great fun! You can also get this in the garden at large. All you need is a little rabbit wire as a border, a few pieces of wood for the open platform, small balls, and thin bamboo poles.

You can find detailed instructions here.

If that is too complex or too big, the game can also be reproduced in the slightly smaller version, as Meri Cerry shows.

3. Water sponge bombs

Oh yes, a water bottle like this is a lot of fun on hot days and cools you down! But honestly, sometimes it gets a little when you get hit by it. Also, who is it left to collect the small balloon snippets? Sure, mom. This simple idea makes cleaning up easier and you can use the ammunition, again and again, all summer long: Water-SPONGE bombs!

What you need for this and detailed instructions on how to tie can be found here.

4. Lawn Twister

For the popular play of colors with body insert, you can save yourself the slippery plastic mat and simply spray color circles on the lawn. For the benefit of the environment, you should of course not use paint. Use spray chalk – the colors will be a little paler, but you should still see it. To do this, cut out a round template from cardboard and spray the colored circles in rows.

Of course, this is only possible in the home garden and not in public green spaces.

Here’s how it works.

5. Ice treasure hunt

With this ice-cold game, you can keep your kids busy for hours. Take a large plastic bowl, water, and some age-appropriate toys and freeze everything together. With child-friendly tools such as spoons and children’s hammers, the little ones can then go on a treasure hunt. Here you can see the instructions in pictures.

Warning, let the ice thaw a little so that the kids don’t stick to the ice with their skin!

6. Meadow skittles

What do garden gnomes and recycling have in common? You can conjure up a bowling game from old plastic bottles and a ball. You will need nine empty bottles (ten bottles for bowling), some paint to decorate, and a ball. Of course, you can paint your bottles as you like, but admit it, garden gnomes are just perfect, don’t they? Already from the handicraft round, you can create a great activity for your kids. Every child gets a smoothie or a milk drink and if the bottles are empty, they are painted together.

Here is the step-by-step guide.

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