You don’t necessarily need a gym to stay fit. Because you can also do many effective exercises at home. Here comes a brilliant training plan for a home that you can implement at any time and lightning speed.

Being home doesn’t mean having to sit around lazily. There are many exercises that you can do with your body weight in the smallest space. And: You can adapt them to your personal preferences and fitness level.

The following home training plan is for beginners. If you want more, you can make the exercises more difficult by taking heavier variants, increasing the number of repetitions, or using weights.

10 minutes a day is enough

You need about 10 minutes for each workout. It’s best to do a short warm-up beforehand. Jogging for 1-2 minutes on the spot, doing jumping jacks or jumping ropes. Burpees are also a great warm-up that gets the circulation going.

If you don’t feel like doing sports every day, you can also design your home training plan so that you always combine two training units. For example, do a Monday workout for stomach, legs and buttocks, Wednesday for arms and stomach, and Friday for legs, buttocks, and arms.

And: You can change this training plan for home at any time. If you are unable to cope with one exercise, you can replace it with another. If you don’t get the number of repetitions at the beginning, you simply do fewer repetitions, or more if you are fitter.

Tip: With a training book you can document your exercises and record training progress.

Nutrition tips: By the way, whether for weight loss, building muscle or for a healthy lifestyle, your diet is an important factor that you can positively influence.

Training plan for home: Monday, training for abdomen & waist

Tip for your home workout: You can do the exercises much more comfortably with an exercise mat!

Exercise 1: Folding Knife

Sit up straight, tense your stomach, legs, and buttocks. Now raise your arms straight, raise your legs bent so that your calves are parallel to the floor, tilt your upper body back a little, and then bring your legs and arms together and apart.
3 x 15 repetitions

Variant: Stretches your legs, which makes it harder.

2nd Exercise: Side Support

Lie on the right side. Tense your belly and buttocks tightly and then push yourself up on your right forearm or right hand and release your body from the floor. The weight is only carried by the forearm or hand and the foot edges. Make sure that the body forms a line.
Hold 3 x 10 seconds on each side

Variant: Advanced users rotate the left arm under the upper body or lift the left leg.

3rd Exercise: Abdominal Rotation

Sit up straight. The legs are angled, the feet are on the ground with a little distance to the bottom. Take a barbell or a pillow between the stretched arms. Tightens the belly and rotates the upper body with the stretched arms alternately to the left and the right.
3 x 12 repetitions per side

Variant: Advanced users raise their legs at a 90-degree angle so that the calves are parallel to the floor.

Training plan for home: Tuesday, training for legs & buttocks

On Tuesdays, we focus on the lower part of the body, i.e. legs and buttocks.

Exercise 1: Squats

Stand up straight, tense your stomach and buttocks. You can stretch your arms forward or support them in your hips. Now comes deep in the knees, pushing the buttocks backward, the upper body is slightly bent forward but remains straight.
3 x 15 repetitions

Variant: Combine the squat with small kicks, which you do alternately with your legs after each depth. Or make the exercise even more effective with additional weight. For example, you can use small dumbbells or a kettlebell.

2nd exercise: Lunges

Stand up straight, tense your stomach and buttocks. Take a big lunge forward with your right leg, bending your left leg. Make sure that the right knee does not protrude beyond the toe. Come back to the starting position and repeat the exercise.
3 x 12 repetitions on each side

3rd exercise: bridge

Lie on your back, your feet are set up a little distance from your bottom. The arms lie relaxed next to the body. Lays the right foot on the left knee, tightens the belly and buttocks, and then pushes up the buttocks and pelvis. Do not lay your back on the floor when you come down.
3 x 12 repetitions on each side

Variant: To make the exercise more difficult, you can stretch one leg at a time and raise it at the level of the other leg.


Training plan for home: Wednesday, training for arms and chest

Exercise 1: push-up

Get on your knees. If your arms are a little wider than shoulder-width, push your upper body forward a little. The closer he is to the knees, the easier the exercise becomes. Tightens the belly and then bends your arms deep. Push the elbows out, making sure that the bottom doesn’t slide up or down.
3 x 10 repetitions

Variant: If you are fit, you can of course also do the exercise with your legs straight.

2nd exercise: dips

Sit down on the edge of the sofa, bed, or chair. Support yourself on the edge with your arms straight and move your feet forward so that your bottom is in the air just before the edge of the sofa. Now you bend your arms and push your bottom down.
3 x 12 repetitions

Exercise 3: bicep curl

Take a dumbbell or a filled 1.5-liter water bottle in each hand. Bends your arms 90 degrees, palms up. From this position, push your hands towards your upper body.
3 x 15 repetitions

Training plan for home: Thursday, training for belly & waist

1st Exercise: Plank

Comes prone. Support yourself on your forearms, with your elbows under your shoulders. Pushes the body up so that the weight is carried only by the toes and forearms. Make sure that the stomach is tight and that the butt does not slide up or down.
Hold 3 x 15 seconds

Variant: advanced people take turns lifting one leg.

2nd Exercise: Weird Crunches

Comes on your back, your feet are at a little distance from your buttocks. Place your right foot on your left knee. Tightens the belly, takes your fingertips to the back of the head, and pushes your upper body diagonally up towards your right knee.
3 x 15 repetitions

3rd Exercise: Leg Slider

Lie on your back with your arms stretched out to your side. Tense your stomach and take your stretched legs up in the air. Press your legs together and let them sink as far as your lower back remains on the floor.
3 x 12 repetitions

Training plan for home: Friday, training for legs and buttocks

1st Exercise: Thigh Pusher

Comes in the four-footed position. The hands are under the shoulders, the knees under the hips. Tightens the belly, now bends the right leg 90 degrees, the sole is facing the ceiling. Lift the leg up to the waist and push it towards the ceiling in small, controlled movements.
3 x 15 repetitions on each side

2. Exercise: Leg lifter for the inside of the thigh

Lie on your left side, support your upper body on your left forearm. Push the right straight leg forward and then raise the left straight leg in small movements. Make sure that the tips of your feet are tightened.
3 x 15 repetitions on each side

Exercise 3: Leg lifter for the outside of the thigh

Lie on your left side, support your upper body on your left forearm. The body forms a line. Stretches the right leg from the left and pushes it up and down.
3 x 20 repetitions per side

Variant: Make circular movements with the straight leg, then it becomes harder.

Training plan for home: Saturday, training for arms and chest

Exercise 1: Triceps Curl

Stand upright and take a dumbbell or a filled water bottle in each hand. Now bend your legs slightly, bend your upper body slightly forward and raise your arms bent 90 degrees so that your upper arms are parallel to your upper body and your hands are pointing towards the floor.

Now you stretch your arms backward. Make sure that your upper arms stay close to your body. If you like, you can alternately train your arms and kneel with one leg on a stool for the exercise.
3 x 10 repetitions per side

2nd Exercise: Chest Press

Stand up straight. Take your open hands in front of your chest as if in prayer and squeeze them tightly. The forearms should be parallel to the floor, the elbows pointing outwards.
3 x 15 seconds

3rd Exercise: Butterfly

Stand up straight. Take a dumbbell or a filled water bottle in each hand. Angle the arms 90 degrees and stretch them to the side at shoulder height. The upper arms are parallel to the floor, the forearms and barbell point to the ceiling. Now you push your forearms together in front of your head and apart.
3 x 12 repetitions

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