Sure, you can just get a cool stamp in a shop. But as so often: homemade is much nicer! Depending on what you want to print with the stamps, you can choose your colors.

A simple ink pad is sufficient for paper, for serviettes it should be fabric paint – the best thing to do is take a look around in a craft shop and get advice. Here are four super simple ideas that you can use to get started very quickly:

1. Lemon stamp

Super easy and super quick: make a stamp out of a lemon! All you have to do is halve the citrus fruit, pat the cut surfaces dry with kitchen paper and let the halves air dry a bit.

Depending on what you want to print, you will then wear e.g. Fabric or acrylic paint on – then you can start printing right away!

2nd cork stamp

A little bit more difficult than just halving – but by no means complicated – is a stamp as you can see it in the picture below. You either need a small piece of very softwood (e.g. spruce) with a straight cut surface. Or you take a cork, which you also cut smooth on the stamp surface with a sharp knife.

Then you choose a screw nut and press it several times with a little force into the stamp surface – this way you make a stamp pattern according to your taste. Then you apply the color – and you can start stamping!

3. Potato stamp

A classic that you will surely know from before: potato stamp! The best thing to do is to choose large, wide potatoes so that you have a correspondingly large stamp area if you cut the potatoes in half lengthways.

Then a cookie cutter comes into play: Place the cookie cutter on the table with the sharp side up, press the potato half with the stamp surface approx. 0.5 cm deep into the cookie-cutter, turn the potato over and use a sharp knife to turn the potato surface all-around cut the cutter so far that it is completely exposed again. Then take the cookie-cutter – the increased area that you have now received is your stamp area.

Carefully press the potato onto kitchen paper several times, as it loses a lot of moisture at the fresh cut surfaces that you cannot use when stamping. Before you start stamping, you should let it dry for a few minutes, then you can start!

4. Lint roller stamp

All you need for this cool stamp idea is an adhesive lint roller, foam rubber, a wool thread, a thick needle, and scissors (and of course cards and color, depending on what you want to print on).

For the example shown below, cut 8 fir trees from the foam rubber, which must not be larger than the adhesive surface of the lint roller is high. Prick a few holes in each tree with the needle. Then press the trees onto the adhesive surface of the lint roller at different heights and glue the twine between them – this creates the landscape effect afterward.

Then you rolled your stamp over a stamp pad until it had absorbed enough color and then rolled it off with light pressure on your card (or another surface). Let it dry well, done!

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