Pattarina from ‘The Lion’s Den’ is an app that displays sewing patterns via the cell phone camera and thus enables simple and direct transfer to the fabric. Tedious breaks should be in history.

Anyone who has ever tried to sew something themselves and used sewing instructions for this could be desperate for the pattern.

The sewing pattern specifies how to cut a piece of fabric of the appropriate size before sewing it on. Such patterns often look confusing because they have different stencils printed in different sizes.

When you have found the right size, it is not necessarily easy to pause afterward. You have to work very precisely and then transfer everything to the fabric in the same way.

Pattarina: Transfer pattern to a cell phone camera

“It has to be easier and faster,” thought Nora Baum and Markus Uhlig. That is why they jointly developed an app that significantly speeds up the transfer of a pattern.

The result is called ‘Pattarina’. The app contains patterns for various items of clothing and accessories. When you have decided what to sew, augmented reality comes into play. Augmented reality is an augmented reality in which computer-generated information is superimposed on reality.

So Pattarina turns on the cell phone camera and uses the augmented reality on the fabric in front of you to show what pattern you should record and cut out.

The concept can be seen particularly well in this video:


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So that the size ratio is correct from every angle, Pattarina from ‘Die Höhle der Löwen’ uses a reference picture, the so-called “anchor”. You print this picture beforehand and place it on the fabric. With the help of this anchor, the app can always display the correct lay plan.

The founders of Pattarina, Nora Baum, and Markus Uhlig are also considering transferring the technology to other industries, e.g. into the construction industry. Such a transfer of patterns could work well for tiling and woodwork.

Pattarina: Where is the app available and how expensive is it?

Pattarina from ‘Die Höhle der Löwen’ is available for iPhone users in the App Store as well as for Android users in the Google Play Store, so it is available for all smartphone types. You don’t have to worry about the costs, because the app is currently completely free.

Does Pattarina Work?

The previous reviews of Pattarina are very positive. The accuracy of the app is particularly praised. Technically speaking, the transfer of a pattern via a cell phone camera works.

The disadvantage, however, is that you can’t just transfer every pattern in the world with Pattarina. The transfer only works with the patterns that are available in the app. If there is nothing that you like, then you were unlucky.

However, it is worthwhile to check the app regularly, because the designers are constantly working on new patterns for Pattarina.

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