Soon flying car races will no longer be reserved for video games and sci-fi films only. The organizers of the world’s first motorsport series for flying cars say that these races will take place in late 2020. A full Grand Prix championship season is planned soon after. Here’s everything we know about the new Formula E so far!

The MK4 Speeder was first shown as a concept in summer 2019

We can expect the world’s first flying car race this year

The flying electric cars, called Airspeeder, still need to be tested. However, these tests can only take place after some of the coronavirus restrictions have been lifted. The Airspeeder team nevertheless finds some safe ways to carry out tests in these difficult times and to prepare for the world’s first race with flying cars.

The company responsible for the creation of the Speeder, Alauda, ​​should have carried out manned tests in the Mojave Desert in California this year. These have now been relocated near Adelaide, South Australia. So closer to the company’s home base. So far, the team has only carried out unmanned tests with remote control, and these have been a complete success.

However, there are still some obstacles that Alauda must overcome before the first race with flying cars can take place. This includes establishing regulations for Vertiports, managing airspace, and developing reliable supply chains.

Alauda is ready to carry out initial tests with real pilots

You should know this beforehand about the electric speeder

The Airspeeder vehicle weighs approximately 249.5 kg and uses a battery that can be replaced during the race – similar to a Formula E tire replacement. Each charge is expected to last for 15 minutes. Thanks to its four 32 HP electric motors, the Speeder can reach speeds of up to 201 km / h. Depending on the race, you may have to look fairly high, as these vehicles can fly between five and 40 meters high.

The flying cars can carry up to 100 kg

Speeders are inspired by sci-fi, and cockpits are equipped with AR technology to make it easier for pilots to navigate

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