You take selfies from an angle – everyone knows that. Here you can see which selfie tips are still available and how you can differentiate yourself from the photo series.

Everyone has done it before – be it for a new profile picture, to document the outfit, or to show themselves in illustrious company. No problem with a selfie. Because with it we can record without help what we are doing, where and with whom we are traveling, and how we look.

No wonder that we have now got used to raised selfie arms. Word has long been around that it makes the face look slimmer when the photo is taken at an angle from above.

To take an advantageous self-portrait, these five selfie tips have also been established.

Selfie tips: the five golden rules

Briefly cleaning the lens of the camera or mobile phone before taking a picture – this should be just as natural as taking care not to catch unauthorized people when taking the picture. Not only does this ruin the photo, but it can also cause you a lot of trouble if you put the self-portrait online with people in the background. So: a small look at your shoulder before you pull out your smartphone.

1. Let there be light

Photos and selfies work best in daylight. It works better than in the glaring midday sun in the early morning or late evening hours, i.e. shortly before sunrise or sunset. Then you do not narrow your eyes and your face is evenly illuminated – without annoying shadows and with natural soft focus.

The flash is not your friend. It causes your face to be overexposed and makes you look quick on selfies as if you were on the run from the paparazzi. If you want to take selfies in closed rooms, it is best to position yourself next to a window. Not under the bright ceiling lamp, it only lets you grow dark circles up to your chin.

Tip: For professional photo light indoors, you can upgrade your cell phone with a ring light like in the studio. You simply put the circular lighting aid on the top of your smartphone. Different brightness levels can often beset – the famous light ring around the pupils is free of charge.

2. All good things come from above

The old lyre: In order not to risk a perspective double chin on your selfie, you take photos from above – i.e. above your eye level. The higher you hold the cell phone or the camera, the more you can see from your body. Make a long neck, take your chin down and pull your straight shoulders back slightly.

To make your face look narrower, it is better not to look directly into the camera lens. Instead, turn your head a little and take a picture of yourself from your “chocolate side”. Another advantage: the selfie from (above) behind with a view over the shoulder. It looks more dynamic.

3. An arm’s length distance

No matter from which side you are photographing yourself and no matter whether in portrait or landscape format – stretch your arm as far as possible when taking a selfie. In addition to your face, you get more of the background on the picture and your head does not look so oversized.

So that you don’t dislodge your arm when taking a self-portrait, you should resort to the necessary evil of a selfie stick. Mobile phone mounts in the form of rings, knobs, or loops are a bit more unobtrusive. This also gives you more control over your device and doesn’t make you look like total cliche tourists when you take a selfie.

Tip: front or rear camera, that is the question. With the front camera of your cell phone, you have an exact reflection of yourself, which makes it easier to pose. The disadvantage: you tend to look at the display instead of the lens and your gaze become dull. Also, the front camera usually has a lower resolution than the classic camera on the back of your cell phone.

4. The right angle

The best possible selfie angle is 45 degrees. If you would stretch your arm at right angles to your body, you would always have it in the picture – as a strangely elongated tube arm. So make your arms a little crooked and remember to keep your body tension. Sounds exhausting? Well, taking selfies is not a child’s birthday!

It is up to you whether you hold the camera with one or both arms. The two-arm version can loosen up a selfie-and look literally “rousing”. At the same time, the cell phone can be held more securely with both hands and – what is often forgotten – your shoulders automatically form a straight line, which looks particularly confident.

5. Golden ratio

With a self-portrait, you are the center of attention, of course. But that doesn’t mean that you ONLY have to be seen. So it is a common selfie tip to adjust the photo according to the principle of the golden ratio. According to this, your face takes up only a third of the selfie, preferably in the outer photo area rather than stiff in the middle. This works particularly well with selfies in landscape format.

The background fills the rest of the picture. This should be as neutral as possible. Unless you blur the hustle and bustle behind you. For example, in the portrait mode of your cell phone with autofocus on your face.

Creative selfie ideas: end 08/15!

Congratulations, now you know how to get a (technically) clean selfie. Nevertheless, we would recommend you not to understand these selfie tips as law. On the contrary: We even call on you to break the rules again and again! After all, no one wants a boring standard picture or Instagram feed that keeps repeating.

Here are four creative selfie ideas that prove that there is no rule without exception.

# 1 pars per to

We present ourselves on self-portraits. This can also be done through details. So play with the image section, zoom in, for example, so that only your eyes and forehead are visible. Do your friends still recognize you? The creative guessing game is based on the “pars pro to” principle, in which a part represents the big picture.

# 2 Pretty Meta

A selfie is good and nice. It is better and nicer if you let yourself be photographed while taking a selfie. Not with your arm outstretched (although that can also look funny), but with your selfie on the phone screen in front of your face or your hand. You can also combine this meta-level with the “pars pro to” technique and, as in the example, target your feet.

# 3 bottom snapshot

Selfies from diagonally above are already available en Dimensions. For an authentic self-portrait, you can simply go the opposite way. Raises the chin, takes pictures from below, and doesn’t look at the camera for a change. Deliberate camera shake or energetic selfies in motion are also allowed. Shake your hair or dance while pressing the trigger – you’ve never looked more natural!

Tip: The snapshot effect works all the better if you simply press the volume button on your cell phone instead of looking for the trigger. Check which button that is on your smartphone. In any case, you can’t pull the trigger faster!

# 4 Mirror selfie as a collage

Be honest: Selfies in front of the mirror never look good. They were only invented for the undecided in the changing room. Or to document our fitness progress. Try out a small wall or make-up mirrors for your selfies instead of the ole full-length mirror. Depending on how you hold the camera, it may even remain invisible in the picture.

A mirror selfie in collage style is more for advanced users. For the selfie to be perfect, you have to keep an eye not only on the foreground but also on the background.

Group selfie: one for all, all for one

If you want to show yourself from your social side and take a selfie with all your friends, there are a few things to consider.

Here are our best selfie tips for groups:

  • The tallest of you hold the camera and takes the picture (ideally he or she is in the middle)
  • Hold the cell phone across instead of vertically
  • You can reach a larger radius with selfie sticks or wide-angle lenses
  • The timer makes triggering easier and everyone has time to sort themselves briefly
  • The flash can emphasize the party feeling

Practice creates masters

The most important selfie tip of all: have fun and try something new often. No master has fallen from the sky and no shame if you have to delete a lot of fail shots for your perfect selfie. Speaking of which: It’s better to take a few more times than not taking enough pictures. #latergram. And notice: you are never too old for a selfie!

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