Despite the Corona pandemic, fans of the ‘Summer House of Stars’ don’t have to do without new episodes of the show. As RTL now announced, the new season will be shot in Germany.

The ‘Summer House of the Stars’ was a big TV hit in 2019. In the show, celebrity couples live together in a confined space and vote for each other out of the show. Michael Wendler (47) and his girlfriend Laura Müller (19) in particular ensured high ratings for RTL in the past season.

Nothing stood in the way of the production of a new season, but then came the coronavirus. Many events and programs were canceled or took place without an audience. For a long time, it was not clear how the ‘Summer House of Stars’ will continue.

The next season will take place in Germany

Despite the coronavirus, RTL sticks to its successful format. As the broadcaster shows in a short video, there is a new location for the Stars 2020 summer house.

As can be seen in the video, the new season is being shot in Germany instead of Portugal. In the middle of nowhere is the summer villa, into which the celebrity couples will move.

Since the villa is only surrounded by fields and no neighbors can be seen, the celebrities do not have to pay attention to their volume, how practical! The past seasons have shown that there are often loud disputes between the celebrities in the summer house of the stars.

Otherwise, not much is known about the new season. Both the start of the season and the participants have yet to be announced. We can hardly wait!

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