Extravagant wallpapers are the absolute must-have this year. We tell you how you can implement the wallpaper trends 2020 in your home.

This year, too, one of the big living trends is patterned wallpaper. And what comes to the wall like that makes a difference. Whether with a classic floral pattern, extravagant jungle print, or dreamy watercolor look: the wallpaper trends 2020 have turned out like never before.

In addition to some favorites from last year, there will be new motifs in 2020 that will inspire you. We present to you the wallpaper trends 2020 and show you how you can style the it-pieces in your home. We’ll also tell you what to consider when choosing your new wallpaper.

1. Watercolor look is one of the wallpaper trends 2020

The walls in uni are yesterday! A trend that has become increasingly apparent last year is gentle color gradients. Wallpaper with a watercolor look is an eye-catcher and still exudes a pleasant calm. The best: They are available in all imaginable variants and colors.

From gentle color gradients in rose tones to stronger green tones that look like a watercolor painting, to spotted or blurred details. One thing is certain: With this wallpaper trend 2020, you can almost save yourself pictures on the wall because the wall itself becomes a work of art.

Our styling tip for wallpapers with a watercolor look:

Just like watercolors, wallpapers in this look radiate a pleasant coziness. They bring peace to the room and are therefore ideal for the bedroom. They can be combined well with light, unexcited furniture, and textiles in similar shades of color.

2. Jungle prints will remain the trend in 2020

As in the previous year, we can hardly ignore this wallpaper trend when it comes to furnishings: we are talking about wallpapers with jungle motifs. No matter whether palm fronds, monster, or banana leaves: the pattern wallpapers are not to be overlooked and are still very popular. Animal prints with leopards, parrots, or flamingos are also a trend in 2020 and bring color to the walls.

Our styling tip for wallpapers with a jungle look:

Jungle worlds on the wall are anything but inconspicuous. Therefore, they are particularly effective in large rooms. The wallpaper trend 2020 is made for the living room, where the tropical prints and bold colors create an exotic feeling. But even in a bathroom, the patterned wallpaper can be a real mood-maker.

The exotic wallpaper can be combined well with soft shades of green or strong orange and terracotta. The jungle look becomes stylish if you complement it with furniture made of wood and decoration made of natural materials such as rattan, seaweed, or bamboo. And no question: houseplants are perfect in combination with this wallpaper trend 2020.

3. Wallpaper trend 2020: Terrazzo is the trend

Last year, pattern wallpapers in the look of marble, stone, and concrete were popular. The simple look is exceptional and makes every room look much more elegant. However, the new star in the interior sky this year is terrazzo. Already used as a floor covering in antiquity, the stone pattern has blossomed into the new design favorite 2020.

As wallpaper, Terrazzo gives every room a playful yet super trendy look. This year, the stone pattern is increasingly interpreted in a modern way, for example with colored tints in pink, blue, or orange. This is how it can be lived!

Our styling tip for terrazzo wallpapers:

Just like the reserved look of marble and stone wallpaper, terrazzo fits perfectly into the Scandinavian living style and underlines the simple minimalism of the furnishings. Together with bright furniture and white textiles, this wallpaper novelty looks super noble and sets an accent in otherwise inconspicuous rooms.

Thanks to its bright look, terrazzo not only fits in the bedroom but also in the kitchen or bathroom. The wallpaper trend can not only be combined with bright, simple colors. Especially in combination with pastel colors or other bright colors, terrazzo wallpapers look stylish.

4. Wallpaper trends 2020: Geometric patterns are in

Our apartments are still indispensable to wallpaper with geometric shapes. At first glance, the patterns look rather restless, but the symmetry and clear lines ensure a tidy look when living. No matter whether in elegant dark blue with golden lines or playful in black and white with small triangles: the details loosen up the atmosphere of an otherwise rather simple room.

Our styling tip for wallpapers with a geometric pattern:

The trend piece has many possible combinations. Either you choose a clean look in black and white or you combine your wallpaper with bright colors such as yellow, for example in the form of pillows or curtains.

The wallpaper looks particularly good in rooms where there is a lively atmosphere, such as in the hallway or the kitchen. There it can also be optimally combined with cacti or other plants because they form a great contrast to the clear lines of the wallpaper.

5. Abstract shapes are wallpaper trend 2020

They have been seen everywhere since last year: murals with abstract motifs. No matter whether in the form of colorful brush paintings or minimalist figures: abstract art always looks modern. This is now also reflected in the wallpaper trends 2020.

Pattern wallpapers with abstract faces or unusual shapes conquer our walls this year. The atypical patterns catch the eye and give room modernity.

Our styling tip for wallpapers with abstract shapes:

Wallpapers with abstract shapes are a real statement. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for the living room. Since there is already a lot going on on the wallpapers, they should be combined with simple furniture and restrained decoration.

Scandinavian-style furnishings blend in perfectly with their unagitated look. Vintage furniture made of dark wood also goes hand in hand with the abstract shapes of the wallpaper.

6. Floral patterns remain wallpaper trend 2020

The floral wallpaper is still a pattern to create a feminine look in your home. Instead of wild jungle motifs, there are delicate flower tendrils and large flowers. Particularly beautiful: vintage wallpapers in pale colors like dusky pink. If you don’t like it so girly, there are also more expressive wallpapers in dark colors.

Our styling tip for floral wallpapers:

Pastel tones and velvet go well with the delicate style of floral wallpaper. For example, drape a few velvet pillows in pink or light blue in your room. Golden details in the form of table lamps or candlesticks also enhance the room.

Floral wallpapers radiate coziness and tranquility and are therefore particularly good in the bedroom in combination with furniture made of light and white wood.

Which wallpaper is the right one?

Before you start wallpapering, you should first decide which wallpaper is right for your needs: photo wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper, or paper wallpaper? What you choose depends, among other things, on the space, because not all wallpapers are resistant to moisture.

1. Mural: murals are nothing more than a huge photo that is put on the wall. Important: You should work very carefully when attaching so that the transitions fit exactly and the photo wallpaper does not appear deformed later.

2. Non-woven wallpaper: Non-woven wallpapers consist of smooth, tear-resistant fibers. Due to the material, they are particularly easy to attach to the walls and do not need to be soaked beforehand. Also, they are very resistant to moisture and therefore also ideal if you want to paper your bathroom.

3. Vinyl wallpaper: Just like non-woven wallpapers, vinyl wallpapers are particularly water-resistant and can, therefore, be used well in the bathroom or kitchen. The reason: The wallpaper consists of a layer of paper and PVC.

4. Paper wallpaper: Paper wallpapers have the decisive advantage that they are moisture-regulating and breathable. However, wallpapering is not that straightforward for laypeople.

Where can you buy the right product?

You can buy photo wallpapers as well as wallpapers made of paper, vinyl, and non-woven in the hardware store or wallpaper store, for example. This has the advantage that you can get advice on the wall design and look at the product personally. However, the selection is usually limited.

But online you can also find countless manufacturers and a huge selection. In this case, there are hardly any limits to your creativity because there are all kinds of motifs to buy.

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